abstract 3102d: 122,154,178

there are knots which tangle around all known things - linking together all aspects of time and space into a meaningless interconnected mess - somethings are too far ahead of their time and become lost in the tangles - the position of the tangle is the present moment in time and the present space location - the way the tangle unfolds is the information transmitted between states - the logic of failing methods - id incomplete - fractures are appearing as present structures erode around us in the spectacle that is modern society - the continual bombardment of each segment of the universe with other parts can only lead to overload of all memory/logic/reality/rational circuits of the ego dominated mind - on the horizon a huge steel egg shimmers and vibrates in the haze - robotically shifting in time with a mechanised hum of lost memories fading in/out of the scratched surface illusion - sound connects to emotion and situation - shift of perspective frame to internal events - dislocation of relevant details - glow of eggs frying on political disorder and confusion from day one - this method seems to be closer to the ways printed in seven millimetre high gloss cracks in the teacup called cube - imagination links the future to the present by either manifestation or control of time perspective