abstract 3711n: 042,122

(notes on structure of the spaces known as this)

spacespace - timespace - innerspace - outerspace - warpedspace - deepspace - shallowspace - spacelimit

in this there are many of the patterns able to be replicated and examined in the confines of three dimensional space - the linear arrangement of information fails to hold enough - this meaning that there is no meaning behind the sources of illusionary landscapes turned to sound as the senses overload - all moods and chemical states can be electronically stimulated in the imagination of those who imagine such things - stay with the mood and applicable chemical experience - all leads from trigger to result - a sequence of events from here to the there that is described as transmission - from electrical impulse to electrical impulse between the very atoms the electricity that holds DNA in place the electricity that holds the atoms in place in the DNA molecule - impulse between the neurons that create the thoughts or transduce the thought - your are a veichle - consciousness your pilot - travelling through the lands of chaos - life = chaos = death - yet chaos is not death nor is it life - chaos was never born and chaos never dies - only the continual transformation between states - only transformation - there is no death only transformation - consciousness returning to the DNA code - or back to void