abstract 8213a*: 042,127,433

*this document is NOT a part of the 'chronicles of flux' however is does place the referenced sections in a wider context

Note found in Reality Program upgrade 331.07b (unreleased beta)

Reality program is being rewritten - all hardware is being repaired - a range a specially prepared personality programs are available on request

Any malfunction (hardware or software) is the direct result of user negligence - and will be rectified at the users expense - the company takes no responsibility

Any interference with company property - including personality programs and mindbrain units is in breach of several company regulations - all hardware and software remains the property of the company - disassembly or reverse engineering by any method is a criminal offence punishable under relevant sections of the social protection act - sharing of software or unauthorised use of scheduled software is a criminal offence punishable under relevant sections of the programs act - Any programs not bearing the company logo are unauthorised and highly dangerous - programs with any logo other than that of the company, or any programs without a logo should be handed over to the company for immediate destruction - the incorporation of any hardware not bearing the company logo into the system is a criminal offence and could lead to irreparable damage and loss of company registration number

Anyone found without a current personality and memory update is liable to face prosecution under the information act

it is a criminal offence to use any methods of communication outside those explicitly specified by the company

Any changes in company policy will be available through the relevant networks Full details of company policy is available from the ministry of social engineering