0. experimental and idiosyncratic
1. total sensory distortion
2. there is only the flux
3. (w)here
4. now here = nowhere
5. everything = nothing
6. alpha = omega
7. past = present = future
8. beyond (beyond)
9. the mind is god and the god is flux
A. chaos = eternity
B. your gasmask is your friend
C. customise your reality
D. (untranslatable)
E. (untranslatable)
F. (untranslatable)

The Interfisch

the interfisch inhabits the space between dimensions. in its natural habitat it has no form. the fisch feeds by assimilating the thoughts of beings. once assimilated the thoughts become part of the interfisch + cease to be a food source. the fisch's insatiable appetite for unassimilated cognitive traces leads it into the dimensional universe. it can be felt in dreams + the subconscious. the fisch cannot survive in dimensional space + must frequently return to its home.
NOTE: connections between abstracts and fragments may be temporary. Since there is no indication of the length of the texts or duration of the transmissions there is no consistent method to correlate the various aspects of the texts, or to determine their authenticity. This archive has been presented for research purposes and should not be used as a reference due to its fluctuating structure. All current reference numbers are accurate as of this distribution.