fragment 1311c: 023, 113, 294

future alien life - cut up

there could be bizarre life forms electric fields - computer program equation with which we can predict nobel prize for work on DNA - we knew the whole - able to create 3d plotted electric fields to form another window on the universe - an insight suggests the existence of subatomic level - the form dictates the orbit of planets all shapes and patterns existed but we didn't have any proof - using found computer images to be correct the men used to project images of possible future life to within several decimal places - the experimented energy that supports all life forms looks like an interesting place (like the one pictured above) it looks like an interesting piece of subatomic physics equation has contributed correct computer image of alien life forms rather than what it is which was alive - with it we can predict the earth 65-135 million years existed to make them grow - that way i had them all in a cupboard it is the basis of a new world