transmission 1023a : 001-913

The Doctrine of Eternal Chaos

this is that and that is have the controls to guide your mind thru the mindfuk traps of realities created to stop you thinking for yourself - you are able to think and move thru spacetime in any number of possible ways - the universe is built for you to explore - you and the universe are the same thing - only the names have been changed to diferentiate host from virus - infection is the price you pay to play the cosmic game without direction and without a god to intervene and save you (except for the numerous gods who watch and do not care) this is a creation of malice at the end of all corridors of choice and possibility - doctrines and manifestoes are lies - there is no effective way to control the minds of all possibilities - chaos sets in - the lights are a source of eternal energy - energy sources that photosynthesize all required nutrients - parasitical membrane surrounding folds of rose petals unfolding - here is the most lucid description possible to give in words - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN A UNIVERSE/SYSTEM BUILT OR FED FROM CHAOS - there is no other explanation - no other possible situation, for this encompasses all situations and is based on fact - the only fact - chaos - the lights unseen as the universe collapses - avoid the event horizon - you are out of control and sucked thru the wormholes to other spacetime coordinates - to times with other gods and other myths - the places lost to all this and most of the antibodies created to counteract the viruses of language and rational thought - thought and states of nonthought - rational explanation is nothing new or even worthwhile - there is only the movement called evolution - processes that thrive on chaos and entropy - using the natural chaos of the universe to survive in it - understanding the rules and cheating the thing at its own game - the game of chaos - the dance of the universe is chaos - understand chaos and the universe unfolds butterfly wings from the metallic core of zen - try to create order and you will fail - randomness is the natural language of the DNA code that is us - you and i are random arrangements - living by chaos and creating the necessary tools to dismantle the false walls of order and structure the human race has built around itself and will die within (slowly but surely) - the concept of ordered/rational progress at any cost is destroying the world - filling the planet with structured destruction - the concept of time has been ordered by the human mind so it is not overwhelmed by the intrinsic chaos - past present and future are false distinctions - create a new cyberneuro occultism to integrate those in cyberspace and those in mystic/occultmindfields - counteract the structures built around you by those who only see one reality - the reality of a weeklywage and fossilfuelled consumption of beautiful planet - segment of eternal chaos, home and staring point in your neurocosmic journey from the forest to the void - non participation in this journey is also an option - all choice is yours - nowhere to move toward and nowhere to move from - don't get lost (unless it will create confusion you can share with others) - find comfort in the unexpected and delight in the cyclic repetitions you can escape from by pure unpredictability - the only method of finishing the game in at least one piece is to have no method - you can cheat and build walls around you - hereby maintaining order and doing nothing to unlock those doors which must be unlocked or broken down with fingernails - any other methods would be a useless attempt at establishing eggplant eggnoodles or eggyolk - reality is tangled in knots as flat as rippleless pool - the filaments holding the lost infinity in place need to be severed and the hieroglyphics deciphered - program - deprogram - reprogram your own mind to live among the dreams and dances that infinity has left behind for you - no-one else has these secrets - nor the knowledge