transmission 1054a: 001,023,162,333

The Sphere

Within the sphere we are able to access various alternate spheres of reality - where otherwise incompatible intelligences can communicate in common terms - the barriers of communication (spacetime, physical presence, variations on ego structures) can be eliminated - metallic structures and architectures so alien to our conceptual framework that they are unable to be described, let alone constructed in merely three space and one time dimension - both the structures and the dislocated intelligences are able to move in ways unimaginable and become what they are communicating - the being is being as well as becoming - there is no location to this sphere - it has no spatial co-ordinates - it has no 'here' or 'there' quality - it exists in abstract non-spatial regions where mind and matter fuse to become something neither can be in isolation

Logic is doomed to logical failure in its description of the reality it attempts to encapsulate due to the fact that is based on illogical principles