transmission 1273a: 011,201,317

All minds are the size of the universe

The size is irrelevant - the substance is irrelevant - all aspects change and all movement ceases - the now dissolves into now and the future has always been the past ( remember you must go backward in order to go forward) all ideas are connected because all minds are fragments of the same universe - they are all remains of an evolving explosion - cosmic shrapnel - all minds are able to reflect and distort any other mind as any fragment of a whole reflects and distorts - like a virtual indra's net - linking all minds with imagined images of the universe - uncountable perceptions altering uncountable possible evolutions the outcome of evolution is that all minds (human or otherwise) will pass through the singularity at the end of evolution - the point where evolution is total yet incomplete - feeding itself with its own tail - an infinitely complex loop of various stages in evolution - each unknowable from any other point And remember the universe is big - really big - so big in fact that it can fit inside itself and outside itself at the same time - just like your mind - external and internal perception dictates the size of the mind and thus the size of the universe - relax and enjoy the view.