transmission 2119c: 001, 023, 113, 154, 318

life = chaos = death = infinity

"my insanity is a direct result of your imagination, without which i would be perfectly sane ( yet somewhat more illusionary) " Heironymous Gleik

the reason the jigsaw doesnt fit together is that there was no intention for it to be put together - admire it for its parts - each an individual - maybe it can be put together - but when (if) it is there is no picture of life there - only the gentle hum of background radiation and the murmur of billions of essences transcending as quietly as possible - back on earth : the only hum is the detectable cloning mechanisms used to produce the mass of population necessary to maintain the status-quo - the ever increasing population is the result of minorities becoming more aware - the cloning mechanisms have to work overtime - whining and grating steel against chemically stable plastics that become flesh - creatures that become almost human after several days of intensive desensitization - patterns of stars at various magnifications - the human mind imposes a false order on the universe it perceives in order to maintain sanity (a false condition - incompatible with the rest of the universe)