DMT Synthesis

lithium aluminium hydride
dry ethyl ether
undried ethyl ether
25 grams
50 grams
100 grams
20 grams
1 litre
1.5 litres
1 litre
STAGE 1: Dissolve 25g indole in 1 litre dry ethyl ether and cool solution to 0oC - cool 50ml dry oxalylchloride to -5oC and add to indole solution (WARNING: this is a violent reaction avoid splattering - oxalylchloride will react with moisture to form hydrochloric acid - avoid breathing fumes, skin contact, eyes and humidity) allow solution to cool in ice bath while reaction subsides

STAGE 2: Cool 100ml dry ethyl ether to 0oC - cool dimethylamine (without opening bottle) to 0oC - carefully pour 100ml dimethylamine into ether.

STAGE 3: Slowly add solution from stage 2 to solution from stage 1 - remove solution from ice bath and stir vigorously until solution reaches room temperature - this should lead to formation of white precipitate (if precipitate has orange streaks continue stirring until it is as near to white as possible) Filter by suction - pour undried ether over precipitate and filter by suction - repeat washing with undried ether and wash twice with water then allow to dry on a non-metallic surface.

STAGE 4: Place solid from stage 3 in large beaker and cover with about 2cm methanol-benzene solvent (mix 100ml benzene with 100ml methanol) heat in water bath and more solvent if required - allow to cool until needle shaped crystals form - pour off solvent and dry crystals (this should produce approximately 25gms of crystals) dissolve crystals in tetrahydrofuran.

STAGE 5: Dissolve 20grams lithium aluminium hydride in 200ml tetrahydrofuran (WARNING: LiAlH4 ignites on contact with moisture take precautions as previously)

STAGE 6: Add solution from stage 5 to solution from stage 4 and heat in water bath for 3 hours stirring vigorously for 2 minutes every 15 minutes (when not stirring solution keep aspirator tube in place) - when complete allow to cool to room temperature then cool in ice bath to 0oC add chilled methanol while stirring gently until white precipitate forms - pour liquid through paper filter and collect filtered liquid in flask - pour about 100ml tetrahydrofuran through filter and collect liquid in same flask - heat liquid in water bath until tetrahydrofuran evaporates and thick paste remains - pour onto non metallic surface and allow to dry - this is slightly impure but good quality DMT

STAGE 7: Smoke DMT by crumbling a small amount into a pipe which has not been used to smoke tobacco (WARNING: mixing DMT and tobacco has proven dangerous and it is too impure to inject without risk of serious poisoning from solvents used during preparation)