Dynamic Eschaton

So, here's the deal.

The Apocalypse is coming. Admit it. Deep down you know it's true.

As we become increasingly reliant on technology for even the simplest of tasks, it is imperative that we learn to function without it while at the same time understanding fully how it works and its implications for our society. Not Ludditism. Ignorance may be bliss, but it also leads to enslavement. Become hyper tech-literate while learning how to grow your own food and filtrate water. Survival knowledge + technological knowledge = the ability to use the system while not being dependent on it.

Learn to survive in your accelerated environment. Train your mind and your body to process and understand information and stimuli as a reflexive process. Practice becomes habit, habit becomes relflex, reflex becomes non-thought.

Live ouside the system as much as you can, while seeming to be involved in every way.

Become a generalist with a central core of survival habits, and specialize to adapt to your surroundings. A generalist responds and reacts in real-time and can make informed guesses in any situation. Network with others to create a synergistic effect while at the same time making sure that you are not dependent on the group for core survival. This is the absolute minimum needed to sustain life. Know when it is better to be by yourself and when it is better to be in a group.

Analyse and control your environment. Cover all possibilties. Be flexible and adaptive. Become a virus, a self-replicating system.

Think for yourself, question authority. Remember though, that questioning is not the same as outright rejection. There is always someone that knows something that you don't.

Protect yourself and your personal freedom. Rely on youself, you are the only person you can count on. Individual freedom is the essence of humanity, at least as we know it today.

Disseminate, confuse, decentralize.

Your mind is an autonomous zone, you control the rights to your thoughts and to your reality. There are no set beliefs, no ideologies, no personalities except those sanctioned by you.

Meme and mutate.

Subvert the meat paradigm.

Destroy consensus reality.

Survival is paramount.

Information is a two edged sword.

Choose your reality.

Dynamic Samurai v2.2