A thought emerges from the soup. It arises as a first generation species in the evolutionary sprawl of organism-environment relationships. It is the first thought to ever emerge. It has evolved from a mix of songs, sounds, lights and feelings. It refers to something.

The carrier of this protozoa passes it on to another of her species. This individual likes it, it strikes a harmony within him; he understands. He has been infected with a way of representing, a way of pointing to a past which he shares with others.

He has mis-understood what the first host ''meant''. When they meet again, the virus in each of their heads has been evolving to suit what each of them ''mean'' by that thought.

During further communication, the two (now distinct viruses) mate and reproduce, producing offspring which display characteristics of their parents, and some which are unique. These unique characteristics occur as a result of communication noise - the mutagen of the conceptual virus

This same process occurs simultaneously across a population of this species, each of which repeats the cycle with neighbours.

Language is born of a consensual mutation, thought is born of mutation integration.

The mind is a mutant, remember it's heritige