Juice Records

the music, the motivation & the mothership
[the outpost]

The evolution of Juice was not pre-planned, rather it emerged from the meeting of the original members (HMC, Dames & Theo) in Adelaide's most progressive club of the time where HMC was playing the then evolutionary sounds of Baby Ford & the Beatmasters as well as the Chicago house sound. This was a good few years prior to the release debut of the debut e.p. '100% juice'. All the members had an interest in electronic based music which included purchasing, at odd times, various pieces of equipment. The first e.p.was born from wanting to put something tangible on vinyl rather than with the purpose of starting a label. HMC had created a track which they knew was worth commiting to wax. It then became a mission to keep going as the success of the record was realised. The Secret Weapon series followed soon after and the sound evolved. By the time of the Rotation e.p. a distinctive Juice sound had been fully concieved. Jack Haywire was introduced on Out of Order & became the fourth member. His influence gave the group a new, harder edged sound. This was balanced by the later involvement of Paddee who had a more ambient outlook through his prior involvement with local outfit Eugenic. This is obvious in the differences between Secret Weapon 2 & 3, & Satelite & the Mothership c.d. Juice continue to evolve, propelled by the escalators of musical Darwinism. For those not familiar with the Juice sound, it can best be described as an interpretation of the Detroit style - techno with feeling, which Juice preach as being individual & different for each listener. This perspective is the key to understanding the label & is the momentum behind the revolution for change which is taking place in the hearts & minds of many of todays & future generations. Juice act as the mothership transporting listeners into their own surreal state through musical interpretation. This transportation to a new style of life was the concept behind the Mothership c.d.. The more accessible format meant that the music could reach more people,increasing awareness & apreciation of the techno genre. In the words of Juice;

ňour first step..... our comunication - an interaction of telepathy. the axis of the mothership. a concentrate of fixed telepathic communication. the journey of a wavelength. the journey beyond. beyond - the ability to recognise. what it has been. what it is. what it will be. this is an existant knowledge. the mothership just makes the knowledge seem more apparent. it is the aplication if this knowledge that powers the mothership. that assists her rotation. that defines her dimensions - a matrix from soni centrifugal force. fusion - man+machine. the spirit of evolving technology with intentions of futurist endevours. rotation aided by foreign interpretations - satellites..... we are the robots translator/interpretor: ie inc.╝

Juice records 1993.

This is the essence of Juice.