The Sacred Rongs

There has been much emphasis in contemporary occultism on the revival of sacred rites, ancient rituals which have been passed on through generations of magical tradition. Traditionalist ceremonial magicians re-enact these rites with great precision taking care to get everything exactly right according to the traditional methods. This is absurd for several reasons. Ancient rites do not always remain entirely valid. The universe is in a state of constant flux. In this age of Baphomet bafflement when things are changing oh so fast, how can unchanged rituals from the past remain relevant? Some magic is timeless, granted, but much of it also needs to be brought up to date. The "revival" of ancient rites if done precisely according to tradition is not really a revival at all, merely a preservation of something which remains dead. It is easy to unbury something dead- the true task is to make it live again (perhaps the word necromancy should sometimes be taken metaphysically rather than literally), to bring the past into the present as a re-evaluated and validated entity- to create contemporary mythology. The main absurdity about precise rites is that they can not be absolutely precise at all -for when something has been passed on through so many generations, often by word of mouth, how likely is it to remain in it's exact original form? It's just like a game of "chinese whispers" that's been going on for centuries rather than minutes. Consider the many different versions existing of the same root myths. Even history, a more scientific (purportedly more precise) record of the past, contains rather varied accounts of the same "events". Therefore a sacred rite can never be quite right. So why bother trying? Why not just perform the sacred rongs instead- rituals drawing from the past but suffused (and confused) with chaOs magic. Sacred rites, as explained, are an absurd concept. Sacred rongs are even more absurd. Many magical orders have 'preserved' ancient traditions. Now the Order of Chaos is 'reviving' some ancient traditions, to alter them (possibly beyond recognition) on the altar of mutation and bring them into the here and now, living, breathing, raving, craving and ever-changing. No one knows precisely what's going to happen at a sacred rong- They are not to be executed, but awakened; there are no Masters of Ceremony, only Slaves of Circumstance. There are no Organisers only Disorganisers. Join us for a series of Sacred Rongs. All you need to bring is an open mind.

Article by Orryelle Defenestrate, 1991