''Anything which extends the capabilities of the human organism is a technology (this includes the capacity to control another humans) - human organisms include both individuals and groups - there seems to be a point where a group becomes a depersonalised entity - the 'third mind' increasingly dominates - this process of depersonalisation can lead to the emergence of a control system - this is a product of the manifold increase in the individuals desire to dominate others''

The most visible , and thus most obvious technology is industrial technology (which has been overtaken in several areas by information technology). There are however more subtle technologies which include molecular/chemical technology and transcendent technologies - One of the most hyped ares of current development is nanotechnology - the production of molecular machines which carry out a specific function - chemicals which can move around inside the body modifying aspects of body function. Nanotech emerged with the gurgle of the first lifeform on earth. Our ape-bodies are complex products of the most basic molecular machines - DNA and protein. In a healthy body there are millions of chemicals (molecular machines) zooming around doing their chemical-thing - adrenalin - haemoglobin etc. The brain is undoubtedly the most complex and least understood aspect of our physical beings, complete with its set of chemical. One of the most interesting chemicals in relation to brain function is seretonin psilocybin (the only natural 4-substituted indole) and DMT (dimethyl tryptamine) are very similar in structure to seretonin. Each of these chemicals cause our brain to work in a certain way - to take a computer analogy - the seretonin is part of the program related to perception - running a different program (DMT, psilocybin etc) will allow different regions of this multidimensional uni(?)verse to be perceived - it is no accident or metaphor when Terrence McKenna describes DMT as "technology from another dimension which masquerades as a drug". These chemicals (amongst others) are technological in that they extend the abilities of the human organism by giving us access to normally inacesable dimensions of mind.

technology and knowledge and inseperable - knowledge leads to the development of technology and each new technology that arises leads to the development of further knowledge. New knowledge is incorporated into the technology and so it goes... Technology is knowledge put into practice - wether it is building machines which orbit 7000km above the earth or exploring uncharted neurowilderness. How does building physical machines equate with fucking with your mind i hear you cry? well.....both are the practical application of knowledge. Using what was refered to earlier as 'transcendant technologies' it is possible to extend existing mental limits and become aware of that which is beyond everyday reality. These technologies include (but are not limited to) spiritual, magical and chemical methods

control is not only about who owns technology but who knows how to use it, sabotage it or subvert it