ecstatic technique

from the perspective of selfbelief the flux, throughout history & in different cultural contexts, has been known in the 'peak xperiences' of individuals

although these peak, mystical or ecstatic states are interpreted & passed on from within the framework of particular cultural & personal belief systems they all share the qualities of a direct, inexpressable, egoless insight into being

often there is the sensation of a force outside & greater than the individual - guiding them or into which their awareness expands these xperiences range from the perfectly shot arrow & the tennis stroke that came from nowhere to the full blown illumination of st john or the buddha

the 'lesser' moments are easily disregarded, unaknowledged because they don't comfortably fit into the current world veiw when accepted they can be seen, rather than as aberrations, as a normal part of human life - flux momentarily breaking through the artificial constraints of selfbelief

a fully consuming ecstatic xperience is life changing

history has shown that these states can be cultivated

within the crusty, dead layers of dogma & belief that surround the legacies of the ecstatics is the kernel of a method

the means must always reflect the end

if we embrace dogma then we merely increase the layers of belief, moving away from rather than towards mindflux

from the perspective of method even beliefs can be useful(insofar as they are seen as methods)

there are many techniques of ecstacy - meditation, ritual magic, tantric sex, psychedelics; the list goes on

although seeking altered states of consciousness is seen as deviant & suspect behavior within the now dominant 'western' culture it has been of primary concern across the globe throughout the time the humans have been here

your culture is perhaps the real aberration

because of this widespread yearning for the supranormal we are left with a huge body of technique

the buddhists-the sufis-voodoo practitioners-shamen & witchdoctors from africa to central asia to the americas-magicians-wiccans-all the varieties of pagan-hindus-cabbalists-tantric adepts & even the christian mystics (an endless list-check out your library) all transmit valid, xperientialy verified techniques for consciousness expansion or alteration. if we take these methods out of the belief sytems that carry them we have powerful tools to work towards whatever goals (or nongoals) we choose

the aim of this series is to draw parralels between some of these tools & 'everyday life' - to harness the mundane through new perspectives in the ongoing journey towards mindflux

nightclub trance induction

trance is a state charecterised by total engagement in itself

those entranced are oblivious to their surroundings

in traditional trance cultures the state is generaly explained in 1 of 2 ways; either the participant is being ridden or possesed by an external entity or they are on a journey in the spirit world once engaged in trance the practitioner can heal the sick, make prophesies, walk on coals or perform other supernormal physical acts and so on

is it any wonder that trance is the central feature of so many of the worlds tribal cultures allowing direct contact between the tribal group and the spirit world

without attempting an exhaustive list a brief overveiw of some of the worlds trance cultures will serve to show trance as an integral part of the human xperience

the shamanic cultures of central asia including the tartars, the kirghiz, the lapps, the yakuts etc; use chanting & drumming as tools for for making journey's in the company of spirits they undertake voyages in the invisible regions either to the upper or lower worlds in order to meet the dead amongst eskimos a shaman may take the form of a totem animal & journey 'in the depths of the ocean' to retrieve the souls of the ill they are also said to be masters of magical flight the ethiopians of gondar use dancing as a means of entering possession trance as do the hausa of niger,the brazilian condomble & the vudon in benin others using rythm & dance as tools for entering the trance state are the haitian voodoo cults & the dionysiac cults of ancient greece north american indians use drums, rythmic chanting & psychoactive plants as the means for engaging in the spirit journey as do the yage cults of the amazon basin the sufic whirling dervishes are masters of trance through dancing from this brief look at traditional trance cultures it can be seen that, whether they be possession or shamanic in form, they all share the charecteristic of using music & dance (sometimes in combination with drugs) as a part of their technique

the point could be made that music & trance are inseperable & that the music of trance is dance music

at the present time, throughout the western world, dance culture has become the mainstay of a new generation

from berlin to tokyo, goa to frankfurt, in london & adelaide, in almost every major city you care to name in your western world dance music in all its forms has taken root

for most a much needed exercise in hedonistic abandon dance culture is providing the environment for the (re)evolution of dance in its archaic, magickal form - trance

in typical style we're bringing the full force of technology into the equation

with powerefull synthetic drugs, digitaly crafted music, lasers & other high tech lighting we've created a group mind machine that's an almost ideal trance inducer

as with all magickal acts intent is the key

if we enter a dance club with the intention of engaging in trance rather than socialising or just blowing our minds then we're most of the way there

empower your actions by defining the event

ritualy bathe

surround yourself with apropriate objects

relax, focus your attention

adorn & dress yourself in a way that has personal meaning & power

socialise your actions by working in a small group

if you're using drugs prepare them with respect & settle into their effects before leaving for the club

prepare a ritual

choose your club well with an emphasis on the music that works for you & a conducive environment that has the dancefloor as the focus

feel the music, in your whole being, allow your body & mind to be carried by it, once any tension has been worked through turn your attention inwards (half close your eyes), allow your own energy to flow freely in sync with the rythm - as you relax further into the music & it becomes inseperable from you

you enter the trance state

so be it