The information super-cliche

Even to utter it's name increases it's strength. To mention it, in any manner, acknowledges it as a reality. It grows stronger with each use. It becomes more solid. Our mass-informational minds turn (in)to each other to find reference for meaningless metaphor. We become the sounding board for silence. The mass media resonates the cliche and the meaning becomes hyper-real. That which never had form becomes reified, it cannot be stopped. Metaphor and hyperbole gather strength in a post-modern advertising world. The object is of no relevance. Echo-speak of the object sounds louder than the object itself. The performance (p)art of performance art is obsolete. Actually consumating the performance is superfluous. What becomes the most real, the most important, is the hype in which the act is embedded. When the metaphor takes a life of its own, the idea/meme becomes salient and engulfs all thought. Advertising no longer sells a product, it sells advertising. Promotion sells itself. People have forgotten why they are (t)here. Art for the (m)ar(ke)t's sake. Metaphor serves itself. It's a symbiotic being that captures the minds of human hosts, using neologistic force to ensure it's continuation. It is a lifestyle, it is cyberhype [Wark, 1994], it is the po from po-mo. We no longer simply consume any more, we are consumed by the infectious desire to procreate a conceptual species (meme) which exists e(x)ternally. The meme which takes hold and becomes real, can live without reference to anything but itself. Auto-mutation ensures that it retains a heat-sealed freshness. The meme evolves, it has entered further into our deep-conscious. It is reified, it has salience, we can touch it, feel it, smell it, believe in it and most important, we give it form by our unconscious need for it. In almost every magazine ranging from lifestyle to tech, there has been extensive banter about commercial information structures. The metaphor has become so extended that it has lost it's origin in meaning. When you are crooning down the information super-highway and a red potato- truck loses it's load in front of you, who's going to be there to scrape up the pieces? When exactly is it that we stop to consider the hollowness ring of the metaphors we use? The advertising takes a life of it's own, it's object becomes a secondary priority. We know what the metaphor is used for. We know in what circumstance we can banter with it. We make vague references to it to extend it's forms. I mention cyber, and you read a thousand hours of designer cliche in an instant recognition of something which stretches far beyond my intent. I had only to mention it for the hyper-metaphor's self-reification through exposure process to initiate.

Changing information models.

The object becomes subservient to the hype surrounding said object, information is changing in the way it effects us and the way in which we interact with(in) it. There is little substance to the cliche but as the cliche becomes real, it gathers self- momentum and infects the way in which we perceive our environment. Cyberspace and futuristic impressions infiltrate our conception of the world through the media-hype which forms our window to the world, that which is slightly sensational filters in through mass exposure until the fantastic becomes hype(r)-fact. Reality mimics fiction. The futuristic writers of the 60's and 70's have defined what designers today consider to be "modern". Today's science-fiction writers define what our future will be like by capturing the mind's of the scientists, the artists and the people. Whether or not it is a case of the chicken or the egg, the present is being shaped by the future of the past and the future is being shaped by the pasts of the present and the futures of the day. Either way, things are changing according to plan. When we read books we have a flow of information which we engulf and integrate. True. The use of computers empowers us to change our relationship with information. Maybe. If we leave the production of the new media up to the people in power at the moment we will be provided with a seemingly endless array of challenging and inventive information. False. Technology empowers everybody to be-do what they want to do-be. False. If we forget it, it will go away. Not. The weirdos will inherit the earth.

This is a true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the impotent.