I think that maybe the moment i 'saw' you. you would cease being My Puppet, the thing that I own, my exclusive passionate animated toy, and you would become 'a person', a person with a face. What could i do with a person that i haven't done 1000x B4? It is so much better this way. So mysterious. In this world we are overloaded visually.. this is one way we can communicate with the only images being those we create ourselves of our beloved. i exist for you only in the spaces between words, on screens, on borrowed keyboards and stolen accounts. I steal your heart and claim it as my own. It will never be yours again. I force you in my cunt, I am heartless, even with your heart in my hand.. ..your entirety in my cunt. I cannot see your face anyway as your body has been engulfed in mine. There are no names here, no faces. not until we have tired of our little game.

I am

Your Mistress

Your GashGirl