read Contract of Submission
Contract between Wanda and Sacher-Masoch

The conditions under which I accept you as my slave and tolerate you at my side are as follows:

You shall renounce your identity entirely.

You shall submit totally to my will.

In my hands you are a blind instrument that carries out all my orders without discussion.

If ever you should forget that you are my slave and do not obey me implicitly in all matters, I shall have the right to punish and correct you as I please, without your daring to complain.

Your body and your soul too shall belong to me, and even if this causes you great suffering, you shall submit your feelings and sentiments to my authority.

I shall be allowed to exercise the greatest cruelty, and if I should mutilate you, you shall bear it without complaint.

You have nothing save me; for you I am everything, your life, your future, your happiness, your unhappiness, your torment and your joy.