'Nothing fits in with polymorphism, it abstracts from existence itself.' tB

Stripping is the means in which early polymorphisms used to change themselves. They tended to be simple analysis algorithms, which merely moved and changed data depending on what the virus was optimised for. In a practical sense stripping can be used to analyse data in databases, to check for similarities, do searches, and replaces and do a whole series of other things. The concept which didn't get put into the first notation compiler, which I will put into Kratis is vector RAM allocation. You could do it with Ic, but it would be very difficult.

In Ic 1.01U, I explore cyclic polymorphism, and look a the Cycle Test. Ic is really an adventure - an exploration. It relies on the programmer having imagination and curiosity. It is the next generation of programming languages, because it appeals to a more dynamic group of programmers.