'Nothing fits in with polymorphism, it abstracts from existence itself.' tB

Eventually I got so sick of the patronisation, that I thought 'Bugger this, I have enough knowledge to write a compiler without external assistance' - and I did. I don't want to make a generalisation, it shall not be said that Tom Barbalet disliked all computer scientists, it should be said that Tom Barbalet was frustrated by some of what I will call the 'old-school' computer scientists. Mind you, my faith in 'old-school' scientists has been raised by the physicists I work with.

The physicists observation of 'magic' is very real. Things happen, and then the physicist has to work out why they happen. Computer scientists lack this realisation that there will be things that are not immediately obvious, what I have chosen to call 'magic'. This is my hypothesis why historically computer scientists have failed to embrace the ideas of polymorphism. But history can be changed.