'Nothing fits in with polymorphism, it abstracts from existence itself.' tB

In development terms, the creation of Ic could be broken up into four definite sections.

The Stumble

The first section (or as I think of it a block of time) is from mid April to December 1992. Here you see a fifteen year old spending his time pottering into the A.N.U. (Australian National University) to retrieve and decode polymorphic viruses. The obvious question is why wasn't I off socialising with my peer group. As a curiosity, over this period of time one of my close friends had 'disappeared'. Rather than develop and strengthen new friendships, I became a recluse and worked my brains out trying to understand how these viruses worked. The strange thing about my computer obsession was that apart from the study, I also generated art and 'music' to describe what I was feeling. I had an extensive collection of voice samples of my missing friend and developed a collage from these.

Over this period of time I wrote Antiseptic and then Nostrum, Nostrum Fast and Nostrum v2. Nostrum Fast and Nostrum v2 were (and probably, are) being used by the Australian government to protect the nation's secrets from those vicious little polymorphic viruses. It is a funny world where a fifteen year old can write an anti-viral programme that two-hundred highly trained technicians couldn't ! The only thing that my age amounted to was that for this work I was paid nothing. I got the kick out of having top government executives giving me congratulatory phone calls but it left me with a feeling that the bureaucracy was about taking from those with knowledge. Hence Field of Chaos.