'Nothing fits in with polymorphism, it abstracts from existence itself.' tB

Bychippery - The First Notation

The Bychipperian stories are all found in Field of Chaos' unlikely sequel, Just Call Me Jesus. Just Call Me Jesus was the unplanned second child of the conspiratical analysis portrayed in FOC. Field of Chaos describes the Utopian Conspiracist ideals, where as Just Call Me Jesus tells the reader what happens in the real world if the ideas are taken too far.

I went to Bychippery with my friend who disappeared all those months ago. He was away for half a year and returned with Dsian. As a follow on we went to visit Dsian in his own element. It was described to me as a cyberhippy camp - where cyberhippies and the police battled for the control of state forest.

I originally thought I was going to Bychippery to teach the shaman polymorphism. But sadly, I arrived to a more practical reality, they wanted repair work to be done on their computers and technical work on their bulletin board service. For my services, they paid me in marshmallows. But as we were starving, I really didn't care. I lost a seventh of my body weight and wrote the predecessor to the first notation you see in Ic. The concept of a Conspiracist jungle training camp was quite powerful though, it linked reality with literature.