'Nothing fits in with polymorphism, it abstracts from existence itself.' tB

Ic's origins go as far back as August, 1992. Originally I needed a means to describe what the early first notation viruses did. It was easy to describe in terms of concepts, you could say they changed data structure A into data structure B. Data structure B had similar length to A, which meant that it was either optimised or used command shadowing. Yet there was no way of distinguishing the differences between two separate viruses that used the same morphing principles (or stripping suffix, as it later became known.)

The first notation wasn't complicated by high level programming standards. The viruses don't call dialog boxes. They don't require user event interpretation. They merely just add numbers, polymorphised, mated and whip around memory. So I started with the very simplest concept, if a memory location was going to move, then it was going to have to have a dynamic form. And the dynamic unit was born.