'Nothing fits in with polymorphism, it abstracts from existence itself.' tB

So what does the NA 'see' specifically and how is this used to form their identities? The Noble Ape is born helpless, it can not see and must be protected and nurtured by its mother. Over this period of time the desire structure does not remain dormant. The NA develops a known signature which is the mother. Slowly as the NA gains vision it begins to map out its own perception of the island. This mapping is not in terms of gradient changes, but through shoreline, rocks and trees. The simulation creates such things and places them into a Sketchbook file. This file describes the shoreline, tree and rock structures to a resolution of a metre. It is not assumed that a well travelled NA will be able to intimately know the island to a resolution of a metre. The NA memory can be described briefly with the following diagram;

Location Outside world -----------NA's Brain-----------
Information Clear --------> Fuzz ------> Compressed
Time --------Instantaneous---------- Later