'Nothing fits in with polymorphism, it abstracts from existence itself.' tB

The Noble Apes are primarily creatures of sight. This is where the first divorce from reality occurs. The simulation can only really begin to describe the collection of vision sense data. Sense data such as touch is almost impossible to simulate realistically with the resolution of the Nervana application. The NA can feel pain and though the four states of irritation in the system;

Seriously Sick
Seriously Injured

It is important to note that injury is an external and sickness is an internal parameter of this application. Although it would be wonderful to simulate the germ-life on the island as well as the viruses, I will try to approximate the spread of disease through NA-to-NA contact. If an NA is generally weak then they will be far more likely to get Sick, and if they do not rest then it will progress into Seriously Sick. It is impossible for an Injured NA to become Seriously Injured through neglect - it must occur through some real interaction with the external world.