'Nothing fits in with polymorphism, it abstracts from existence itself.' tB


Subject - the subject in the Nervana project is a simple humanoid ape. This does not mean that the subject in this theory can not be as complex as a modern human. The idea being that if the Noble Ape in the Nervana project has a^n complexity and the modern human has a^m complexity (where m>n) the Nervana project will eventually reach very close to m.

Desire - the desires simulated in the Nervana project remain within the simulation. They can be described though movements of the subjects and repeatable movements of single and multiple subjects, but as the simulation works, the desires can not be translated to the real world. This parallels the real world=>human notion of desires.

Past History - this is the intimate daily movements and interactions of the subject. These are described in the program as polymorphic constants which are manipulated and if found to be trivial or repetitive, 'forgotten' by the algorithm.