'Nothing fits in with polymorphism, it abstracts from existence itself.' tB

Desire Types

 Natural Desire (needs)
 Craving Desire (wants)
 Abstract Desire
 Emotional Desire


Natural desires (bar safety, which is an underlying desire-constant,) are governed by time. Food, or more importantly energy use is a micro-time dependant (second based) desire. Sleep is a mid-time dependant (minute based) desire and reproduction is a macro-time dependant (day based) desire. Natural desires are cumulative (ie if you don't eat or sleep for 24-hours, you will know you have not done this). These desires are not remembered, so a month after not eating or sleeping for 24-hours, one can still function without referring to this event.

Craving desires, I will argue, are time dependant as well. This may just be considered true through our society and the way people become creatures of habit. I fear that giving examples here would render me to criticism. The resolution for the time dependence of craving desires is taken in the early version of the Nervana project to be hour based. The time dependent functions that need to be created in order for successful modelling will be discussed later.