In this, the last of the memetically engineered mindvirus series, mindflux attempts to extract signal from noise.

(de)constructed under the influence of flux.

void where prohibited. no user serviceable parts. consume from vending machines. explore. extend. mutate. evolve. contents may have settled during shipping.

Archaelogical survey of mindvirus may yeild fragments from; mindfluX, i22, RsD, Eyespine, GashGirl, Tom Barbalet, WarkismÅ, 101, the Order of Chaos, Kym Fielke, Dr. Belinda Barnett, o[rphan] d[RIFT^], Dr. Nick Land, Germ, Dr. Octagon, the Burroughs-Gysin virus (strain 23) and unseen collaborators everywhere.

Sonic extracts © Matt Thomas, Aerial Recordings 1997.

    pulse 5
    pulse 6
    pulse 2
    pulse 4
    pulse 11
    pulse 13 (iitps)
    pulse 10 (iitps)

void prohibited. [no] user parts.



Warning; vending machines may have settled during shipping.

Version History.
3.7 Added electrocutable frog
let loose neurons
PC version initiated
3.6Removed the eminent biologists (Darwin and Lamark)
fixed loop talking bug
3.5Reverse engineered Vostok spacecraft
3.3.1Taught fish to swim backwards
preliminary cockapigeon training
3.3Pigeon-cockroach survives experiment
bugs generated
bugs fixed
3.2Split the fish!
3.01a1cat scans, fish food
3.0a3changed flightpath mid-takeoff
3.0a1Glued paper and taped discorses abandoned
2.1previous version history supressed or deleted